We love renewable energy and want to see a lot more of it in Sydney 



Building community owned solar farms in Sydney


Pingala and the local community help choose, build and operate the solar farm on the roof of a local host site such as a hotel, a school, a car park or wherever makes sense.

The community develops skills and knowledge, helps implement a low carbon solution and enjoys a satisfying social, financial and environmental return on investment.

The host site develops a stronger connection with the community, enjoys positive publicity and benefits from solar without having to invest significant time or money in the project.



Benefit from the rooftop solar revolution


Community owned solar farms offer an alternative to private rooftop solar.  Just like successful community energy models build in Australia and overseas, you can own a stake in a local solar farm to offset your rising energy bills. 


Connecting with community

Community energy projects build a strong, ongoing connection between citizens and local businesses or organisations, raising the profile of renewable power generation.

Pingala builds solar farms, connecting host sites with the local community.

This allows the citizens to support and reward organisations with strong social responsibility.

Solar panels are installed at the host site as Pingala invests in the solar farm. The host then pays a fair and stable electricity price for the duration of the contract. Once the cost of installation is paid, profit flows to the community.




Creating a fairer energy system


We at Pingala believe that everyone should be involved and benefit from energy generation, distribution, retailing and usage, which is why we are committed to building projects that are accessible to all who want to be a part of them, work with communities who don't have access to resources gain the skills and professional advice they need, and talking as much about community solar as we can. 



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